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It’s Time to Cash Out Your Cupboard, for a Good Cause.

Do you too have a closet filled with clothes that you no longer wear, love or that no longer fit just the way you like? Pieces from yours and our favourite brands like Zara, Country Road, Mango, Poetry, Witchery, that you just aren't reaching for to wear? It’s time to put those forgotten garments to good use while also giving back to the community. Welcome to Vintage with Love’s exciting new campaign: Cash Out Your Cupboard.


As you are too, we're passionate about fashion, sustainability, and making a positive impact in South Africa. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest initiative, which not only benefits you but also contributes to vital education and literacy programs in our wonderful country.


Here's how it works: contact us, bring your gently-used, quality clothing items in, and we'll buy them from you. Yes, we're offering cash for your clothes! It's the perfect opportunity to 1. declutter your wardrobe

And 2. put some extra money in your pocket.


The benefits don't stop there. By participating in Cash Out Your Cupboard, you're also supporting education and literacy initiatives in South Africa. Profits from the sale of your items are donated to charities dedicated to improving access to education and literacy programs for those in need.


We're specifically looking for clothing items that are on-trend and of high quality. Think trendy blouses from Zara, timeless linen’s from Country Road, stylish summer dresses from Mango or the latest FOM sneakers. Whether it's a statement coat, a classic dress, or a trendy pair of jeans, we're interested in seeing what treasures you have hiding in your closet.


It's also an important step towards a more sustainable fashion future. By giving pre-loved clothing a new lease on life, you're helping to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of fast fashion.


So, raid your closet, gather those unwanted garments, and drop us a message to cash out your cupboard. Join us in our mission to turn fashion into a force for good. Let's make a meaningful impact together, one second-hand stylish piece at a time.

Want to know more? Drop us a message - we'd love to chat!

Looking forward to making the world a brighter, better place, alongside you all 💜

With love,



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